Postimees names Finnish writer Sofi Oksanen Person of the Year

18.12.2009, 15:33

Postimees has awarded its Person of the Year Award to Finnish popular contemporary writer Sofi Oksanen.

Merit Kopli, editor in chief of Postimees, said that Postimees had decided to give the award to Oksanen for her efforts in writing about Estonia and Estonians, especially Puhdistus ("Purge") that was published in 2008 and ranked No. 1 on the bestseller list for fiction in Filand when it was published.

Oksane was born in Finland, but is of Estonian heritage by her mother's side.

Oksanen first became well-known for her novel Stalinin lehmät ("Stalin's Cows") (2003).  It was nominated for the Runeberg Prize. Two years later, she released her second novel Baby Jane (2005).Oksanen’s first original play Puhdistus (”Purge”) was staged at the Finnish National Theatre in 2007 out of the play grew Oksanen’s third literary novel Puhdistus (2008).

She was awarded the prestigious Finlandia Prize (2008) and the Runeberg Prize (2009) for Puhdistus.