Estonian president met with CEOs of four largest banks

26.11.2009, 10:00

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves met yesterday with the leaders of the largest banks in Estonia to discuss the economic situation of Estonia and its closest neighbours and the perspectives for improving the future outlook.

Vahur Kraft from Nordea Bank, Aivar Rehe from Sampo Bank, Priit Perens from Swedbank, and Ahti Asmann from SEB were present at the meeting; the bank representatives gave the head of state an overview of the current situation and developments in the Estonian loan market, among the other issues that were discussed.

At the discussion, it was decided that restoring investment to its original level, as soon as possible, is the pre-requisite for a speedier emergence from the recession. Estonia’s trustworthiness as an investment environment needs to be continuously strengthened to meet that purpose.

“Estonia becoming a member of the euro zone will probably increase its attraction for both local and foreign investors,” President Ilves stated.