Uspaskich sentenced to four years in prison

15.07.2013, 12:00

Vilnius Regional Court ruled on Friday members of the Labour Party Viktor Uspaskich, Vytautas Gapsys and Vitalija Vonzutaite as well as Marina Liutkeviciene are guilty of bookkeeping fraud. The court sentenced Uspaskich to four years imprisonment, reported The Baltic Course.

"The Judicial College made a conclusion that the accused, operating in a group, managed the bookkeeping of the Labour Party in a fraud way," said Judge Daiva Pranyte Zalieckiene.

The panel of judges said the Labour Party, which is currently a member of the ruling coalition, unlawfully avoided paying more than LTL 3.8 million (EUR 1.1 mln) in required taxes and fees in the 2004-2006 period.